Day 18: Caught in the Rain

by Kristen King

#day18 of #30days of #radicalaccountability complete.

#day18 of #30days of #radicalaccountability complete.

It was rumbling in the distance when I woke up for my run this morning, but no rain or lightning so I headed out anyway. And then sat in my warm car procrastinating for like 20 minutes as I sipped my rapidly cooling tea because it was cold and I didn’t want to get out. Partly because of the cold and partly because I was still sore and was afraid running would hurt or somehow I wouldn’t like it anymore after completing my half.

Finally I dragged myself out of the car, started my run timer, and got moving. And this amazing thing happened. It felt incredible. So natural. Like, why did I waste 20  minutes in the car when I could have been running that whole time? I was a little tight at first but loosened up quickly and found my groove almost immediately, and my breath was perfect.

And then it started raining. No problem. I popped a visor on and then put my monkey hat back on on top of it (because when it’s cold I run in a sock monkey hat; don’t judge; I have no hair) and kept going and somehow it was even better than running without the rain. I felt like a badass. Two days ago, I ran a half-marathon. Now I’m out running in the rain in 50-degree weather. Because I am a badass.

And then the thunder became considerably less distant and there was lightning and I may have broken a personal speed record on my way to the car. I managed to get in 2 of my planned 4 miles despite my procrastination and the weather, and got an extra 40 minutes of unplanned snuggle time with the kids this morning.

Of course they wanted nothing to do with me, because the only time they want me is when I’m making a major presentation to a client on a conference call or, better yet, a video conference. That’s how toddlers roll.

These toddlers roll like potty-training champs though. Especially Miles. Dude will do anything for a chocolate chip, including peeing AND pooping on the potty ALL DAY with NO ACCIDENTS, not even in his pull-up. Emmett, who has been dabbling in the potty arts for several months, is proving a tough nut to crack and would rather glare at you while peeing on the floor than accept your suggestion that it’s time to sit on the potty. He totally knows what to do but is in a mood the last few days. Hoping once it passes things will get back to normal.

My runger is slowly fading, but I still had a weird food day. I kind of front loaded with oatmeal and pancakes, then had a dip in the middle of the day that involved skipping my planned snacks, then inhaled a can of tuna, then forgot to bring a snack to FitDance but drank a Rebuild shake after, and then made myself an ENORMOUS plate of lasagna for dinner but ate less than half of it. I’m craving salt like it’s my JOB, so I think I’m still normalizing post-run. Need to try to get ahead of this more before the next race so the following week feels less weird.

We sat down and did the family calendar for the next two months, and I feel very organized. We try to have a monthly calendar sync and then weekly updates in addition to monthly budgeting and monthly meal planning. We also put all of the races we want to compete in for the next 6 months on the calendar so we can budget for them and make plans for one of us to volunteer so the other can complete for free whenever possible.

I didn’t exactly get through everything I wanted to do today, but I’m feeling increasingly accomplished, substantially less panicked, and more on the same page with my family as this 30 days of radical accountability unfolds. It’s definitely in the realm of progress not perfection, but I think that’s where it should be. I was way off base before and didn’t even know it. So now, resetting is my chance to figure out where the problems lie and get a handle on them.

It’s a start. And it’s definitely working for me.

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Kristen King (aka, Mommy-in-Training) is a red-headed, glasses-wearing, wine-drinking, perpetually undercaffeinated twin mom who lives at 10,200 feet in Leadville Colorado, and founder of She and her husband, Jesse (aka, Daddy-in-Training) have fraternal boys born in December 2011, two dogs, and two cats. They are both endurance athletes. She works full-time from home in virtual training, and he drives the local school bus. Learn more and meet the rest of the team on our About page.

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