My Breastfeeding Journey with Miles and Emmett – World Breastfeeding Week 2014

by Kristen King, Mommy-in-Training on August 8, 2014

Breastfeeding twins is one of the best and hardest things I have ever done.

Nursing my twins is one of the best and hardest things I have ever done.

Emmett and Miles arrived on December 22, 2011, and 36 weeks and 3 days gestation after I was induced due to pre-eclampsia.

Emmett (Baby A) was born vaginally after only 4 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing with no pain medication. He was perfect at 6 lbs, 6 oz. His APGAR scores were 9/10 and even though he was early, he didn’t need help with breathing or maintaining his temperature. I couldn’t wait to nurse him, but I had to deliver his brother first.

Miles (Baby B) took advantage of his newfound freedom in the womb by turning all around and stretching out horizontally across my belly. Despite the doctor’s best efforts to turn him externally and internally and to simply hook a foot with his fingers and pull him out, Miles was stubborn and arrived via C-section with me under general anesthesia about 30 minutes after Emmett’s arrival. I met Miles for the first time about 2 hours later, when I woke up and returned to the recovery area.

We started nursing right away, but we also started supplementing right away. :(

We started nursing right away, but we also started supplementing right away. :(

I had no idea what I was doing, but my doula was there to help me latch the boys individually and both were eager to nurse. It hurt like hell, but everyone told me that was normal. It quickly became apparent that although the boys were generally cheerful nursers and I had plenty of colostrum to sustain them, they weren’t removing it effectively from my breasts — and nursing them freaking hurt. So, I immediately started pumping and asked for a supplemental nursing system or feeding cup to help them while we figured out what we were doing.

My “breastfeeding-friendly” hospital told me they didn’t have any SNSs, there was nowhere to get one, they wouldn’t give me tubing to rig up my own, and cup-feeding newborns was “against hospital policy.” Instead, they offered me bottles and formula. To which I responded “Breastfeeding friendly my ass” and promptly burst into tears. Ultimately both boys had high levels of jaundice — Emmett spent hours under the bili lights each of the 4 days we were in the hospital and came to me on a biliboard, looking like a glowworm, for each feeding — and were not peeing enough, so the hospital was going to release me but keep them if I didn’t flush their by overfeeding them and destroying their virgin gut with formula. (This is a paraphrase, of course, but that’s what happened.) Click to continue reading >>>


Reflections of a SAHD of Twins on How Life Can Surprise You if You Let It

by Jesse King, Daddy-in-Training on June 11, 2014

This may be long, I may ramble, but hopefully at the end of it, some of you will know me a little better.

Last year we decided to make a change in our lives. A change that we hoped would be for the better. We were at a pretty low place, just crawling out of financial ruins, moving away from the city that I had known for all of my adult life, away from the home that I planned to raise my kids because of silly decisions and a really horrible experience.

I sit here, reflecting on this past year and change and say to myself……I am not a failure, I may feel like a failure, but I have not failed. I have taken those experiences and turned them into something better, a chance to make a better life for me, my wife, and my kids. I have to tell myself this often, almost every day. Thankfully I have support around me that pulls me up, tells me how it really is and helps me go about my day. However, I cannot change the way I feel at those times. Click to continue reading >>>


The Fifth Birthday is Kind of a Big One!

by Heather Campbell, Princess Mommy on June 10, 2014

For the past two years I have written a blog post dedicated to my oldest daughter on her birthday. This year, it is not just her birthday but it is her FIFTH birthday. So much changes when you turn 5. Kindergarten is right around the corner. You start learning to read and coloring in the lines. You don’t take naps very often. You start riding bikes and losing teeth. 5 is one of those birthdays that you actually remember when you are 20. So this year, here’s what I had to say… Click to continue reading >>>


Throwback Thursday: Survey from a Teenager

by Heather Campbell, Princess Mommy on May 15, 2014

Proof is in the Pudding

A few weeks back, Mommy-in-training and I had a very long, very in depth conversation about our friendship and us and life. She was going through a ridiculously hard time and there was only so much a best friend could do from 1,000 miles away. After a full day of texting, we both realized something: We connect on a level most moms only dream of. Neither of us feels we’ve ever had a relationship like ours. When it comes right down to it though, we’ve only known each other just over two years. There are things like favorite colors, middle names and stories of high school heartbreak that we never discussed before. We joked that the answer to our problems would be one of those old school surveys that we emailed to dozens of our friends when we were teenagers. I was sure I still had some saved in an old embarrassing blog somewhere and lucky for you all, I was right!

So, enjoy this entertaining throwback where I’m pretty sure the only thing I’d still answer the same is my name… Click to continue reading >>>


Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

by Kristen King, Mommy-in-Training on May 8, 2014 — There’s this thing that happens when you spend all day every day saying yes to other people. You stop saying yes to yourself. At least, that’s what’s happened to me over the last several months.

I said yes to work. I said yes to friends. I said yes to organizations and groups. I said yes to everyone and gave and gave and gave. And while there’s nothing wrong with that exactly, where I went wrong was that I stopped saying yes to myself. I gave and gave and gave to everyone but me and then my storehouse was empty. I tried to pretend I was fine, that my life wasn’t closing in on me and I wasn’t having trouble breathing or controlling my heart rate every time I thought about having to do it all again tomorrow.

And then something very interesting happened. I asked for help. And nobody answered. And that was when I realized what the real problem was. Well, actually, first I had a complete meltdown. Click to continue reading >>>


I recently had the opportunity to try a new Tone body wash, Petal Soft with Pink Peony and Rose Oil, for free as a BzzAgent.

I already had a bodywash I really love when I was offered the chance to try Tone’s new Petal Soft line, so I wasn’t expecting to be too impressed. Flash forward to my first shower with Tone Petal Soft and WOW. It’s thick, the the lather is luxurious, and it leaves my skin feeling amazing. Even my two-year-old twins noticed how soft Mommy’s skin was after the first time I used it, and evidently I now “Smell pretty” now. I will definitely get this again and recommend it to others. Only downside: The kids want to use it, too. So I may have to get two bottles next time. ;) I’m eager to try the other scents, but I think this one may be the one I keep on hand. It smells flowery without that heavy perfumey quality that so many other scented bath products have. It’s light and refreshing. Love this stuff!

Highly recommended.

What’s your favorite bath product? Links welcome!


Throwback Thursday: 8th Grade Love According to Princess Mommy in Y2K

by Heather Campbell, Princess Mommy on January 2, 2014

8th Grade Me with Some of my Closest Friends

I’ve been quite amused reading Mommy-in-training’s journal excepts from years ago. I wish I could show you my amazing handwriting as well but at some point a few years back I decided to type up all of my old diaries and toss out the originals. I can’t for the life of me remember what possessed me to do such a thing but nonetheless, I DO still have what I was thinking and said and that’s the fun part anyway. So, inspired by all the intimate things already shared, I decided to give you a little peak into the 8th grade version of Princess Mommy. Enjoy.

June 9, 2000

I am so over Eric. He turned out to be a total jerk. He never called or talked to me. I am now going out with Kyle. I like him a lot. He is so sweet and I can totally tell he likes me a lot too. I sort of made him upset today because I took something his friend said a little too seriously. I made him cry and I felt so bad. I wish he knew how I feel. Every time I talked to him, Stacey was there because we were at her house. I don’t know. I think she doesn’t like me dating him since she broke up with him then like 15 seconds later he asked me out. It was her idea too. I just feel bad, that’s all. Click to continue reading >>>

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Throwback Thursday: Tuesday, June 20, 1995

by Kristen King, Mommy-in-Training on November 21, 2013

Every week or two, I revisit childhood journals for hilariously awkward and occasionally mortifying stories. In this entry, I recap a a neighborhood barbecue and revise my summer to-do list (pictured).I’ve typed it exactly as written, except for replacing identifiable names with initials in searchable text.

Tuesday, June 20, 1995 (6:53 p.m.)

“Celebrate Good Times!
Come on!”

I’m having a great summer, so far. On Sat.17, I went to the Gilmore’s house. JH was there. Remember him? We went out in 5th grade.

Anyway, we played volleyball, talked and sa shared an ancient bench we thought would collapse any second, and sat nexto to each other on the Gilmore’s patio.During volleyball, I kept hitting the ball into a bush that was right next to the volleyball court.

“The bush isn’t playing, Kristen,” he kept telling me.

In the 2nd game, every time I did something good he’d exclaim, “Score 1 (or 2, or 3, etc.) for the cheerleader!” Click to continue reading >>>

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Throwback Thursday: Monday, November 7, 1995

by Kristen King, Mommy-in-Training on October 31, 2013

My journal from November 7, 1995.

From time to time, I like to revisit childhood journals for hilariously awkward and occasionally mortifying stories. Here’s my rumination on what may or may not have been a crush on a long-time friend (who, incidentally, is still in my life – along with his delightful wife and three hilarious young daughters). I’ve typed it exactly as written, except for replacing full names with initials in searchable text.

Tuesday, Nov 7, 1995 (7:44 p.m.)

I don’t think I really like MA anymore. Maybe my prolonged crush was just a wierd habit. Sure, MA is gorgeous, but he doesn’t know I even exist. I don’t really care anymore. I’m going to concentrate my interests on someone a bit more responsive, someone breathing; someone who likes me back; someone like AG, maybe.

We are constantly flirting with each other, especially in GT. DD, TY, and DB think we like each other. CH and JT think we like each other, too. I think we like each other. I don’t know……… Do I like him? Does he like me? Do we like each other? Click to continue reading >>>


How to Make, and Keep, Mommy Friends

by Katie Parsons on October 30, 2013

We’ve all heard the old adage that it is quality, not quantity, that counts. When it comes to friendships, this is definitely the truth. Still, I feel like since becoming a mom it is easier than ever for me to stay in my comfortable friend spot and not make the effort to add new ones (who has the energy?).

Two of my kids are in elementary school this year and a third is in pre-K so I see a lot of other parents and teachers on a regular basis. While the easy route would be to just tap away on my smartphone while waiting for my kids at pick-up, or acting otherwise distracted, I know that getting to know the families of my children’s peers will benefit me, and my kids, in the long run. Plus it’s always nice to add a few trusted friends to the mix.

Make plans with other mom friends

Based on my own experiences, here are some tips for making and keeping friends as a mom:

1. Leave your phone behind.

Are you really going to need to check your email or text messages in the 5 minutes it will take to pick up your child? The same is true of a visit to the park. Perhaps you work from home and the only way you CAN go to the park is if you bring your smartphone along. Still, know when to draw the line between necessary communication and playing with your cell phone just because it is a habit. Pay less attention to your phone and more attention to the parents around you. Make yourself available for conversation. Click to continue reading >>>