Kristen King

When I decided to back the Generation Mindful Kickstarter campaign for PeaceMakers, I had no idea that this choice would change the course of my family in an instant. This might sound like hyperbole, but I’m being completely serious. This card game has been life-changing. Let me explain. The essential premise of PeaceMakers is that connection is more effective […]


I watched you for a long time before we got together. My friends kept saying I should meet you, that I’d love you, that afterward I’d have no idea how we’d existed apart for so long. I’ve been set up before, so I was reluctant. Skeptical. But I decided to give you a try. I […]


They were running down the wide aisle of Target between home goods and groceries, screaming like banshees, when I turned to Jesse and said, “I don’t know why they’re so crazy today! I didn’t even give them cocaine.” (Note: I do not ever give my children illegal drugs. Please don’t call DCF.) “SHHHHH,” he hissed at […]

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The first word that came to mind when someone asked how my day was today was “relentless.” My day was relentless. From the moment the alarm went off in my freezing cold bedroom to right now, I have been counting down the moments for this day to end. I could have predicted this, but I […]


You know that thing where kids just say adorable stuff all the time? Yeah. Mine don’t do that. They say funny things, sure. But mostly they just hurt my feelings. For instance, by following me into the bathroom despite my protests that I want to pee alone, and then adding insult to injury by telling […]