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Information for Readers and our writers receive compensation in a variety of ways:

  • Free products for reviews
  • Commissions on affiliate products and services
  • Text and display advertising
  • Sponsored posts

Assume that all links are affiliate links. Any other affiliate links will be labeled as such with an announcement at the beginning and/or end of the post if it’s not already obvious in some other way. Please note that special offers and discounts are almost always affiliate links. We actively promote the following brands as affiliates/ambassadors/etc.: SELF Journal, Generation Mindful (PeaceMakers), 73threads, Thirty-One, Origami Owl, Herbalife, SKORA, and others.

Affiliate income helps to offset blog hosting costs and other related expenses. And if there’s any left after that, well, it’s nice to have a few extra bucks every now and then for coffee. Or wine. Whatever.

Anyway, we will always tell you if we received a product for free, but just because we review it doesn’t mean someone gave it to us — sometimes we just like to write about stuff we buy for ourselves. We always share our honest opinions, even if we’re paid or otherwise compensated to write about a specific product.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified. Do your own research before making any major buying or product use decisions.

We do not advertise or review any products, services, or sites, that promote illegal activities, pornography, violence, discrimination, political parties or candidates, dating/affairs, or other topics and activities at our sole discretion.

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Information for Advertisers


We might be newbie parents, but we’re experienced product reviewers — and we’re eager to test out your product. We offer unbiased product reviews and giveaways of virtually any product for moms, dads, babies, toddlers, and older children. We’re moms and dads, but we’re also people with diverse interests, so we’re happy to consider products that aren’t related to parenting.

Please contact us if you have a product you would like us to review. We are particularly interested in children’s toys and clothing, baby carriers, baby and toddler care supplies, personal care items for men and women, household products, food, and products for dogs and cats. Once you let us know you’d like a review, we’ll match your product with the right member of the team and tell you where to send it. Shipping is at your expense. We do not return review products. We review only full-size, final-version products (no “sample” sizes or “trial” versions).

We promise to give your product or service a fair shake when we write about it — meaning we’ll share the pros and cons, the ups and downs. If it’s awesome, we’ll say so. If it sucks, we’ll say that, too.

We reserve the right to decline to review any product for any reason at our discretion. Agreeing to consider a product for review is not a guarantee that we will review it.

Contact us about reviewing your product.


We are happy to host giveaways of your product to our readers! Please contact us to discuss the nature of your giveaway. You must cover shipping for the product to the winner — we don’t play the middleman on review prizes. Please specify whether you wish the giveaway to cover the continental US, the entire US, the US and Canada, or worldwide. You are solely responsible for getting the prize to the winner once we give you his or her contact information.

Contact us about a giveaway.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

All ads and sponsored content are priced-to-order based on size/length and how long they will run. Contact us for a custom price quotation. Payment is via PayPal only. Content will be posted once payment clears. There are no refunds. We reserve the right to remove your paid content if we determine that it violates any of our policies or ethics at any time.

Text Advertising

If you would like to purchase a text add — a hyperlink of specific key words in our content to your product or service — please contact us for specifics. We will consider adding text ads to any previous posts. If you want us to write a post around a specific word or phrase, see “Sponsored Posts” below. We reserve the right to reject any text advertising that we find offensive or that does not align with the purpose and tone of Once your ad is placed, there are no refunds. All advertising must be paid in full before we post your ad.

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We offer a variety of display advertising sizes and placements, including above the header, before or after every or individual posts, in the footer, and in our sidebars. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. We reserve the right to reject any display advertising that we find offensive or that does not align with the purpose and tone of Once your ad is placed, there are no refunds. All advertising must be paid in full before we post your ad.

Sponsored Posts

We write original content or republish content you provide on topics we deem to be of interest to our readership. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We reserve the right to reject any sponsored posts that we find offensive or that does not align with the purpose and tone of Once your post is placed, there are no refunds. All sponsored content must be paid in full before we post your ad. All sponsored posts will be disclosed as such at the beginning and end of the post with a statement such as “This post was sponsored by [Company Name Here].”