About Us

Kristen King (aka, Mommy-in-Training)

I’m Kristen King, a 30something mom of twin boys, Emmett James and Miles Alan, born December 22, 2011, at 36 weeks and 3 days. In July 2010, my husband and found out I was pregnant after more than a year of trying. Later that month, I had a miscarriage. Then in December 2010 I had a second miscarriage. In May 2011, my husband, Jesse (aka, Daddy-in-Training) and I found out we were pregnant for the third time.

To keep things interesting, I had hyperemesis gravidarum this time and had a PICC line inserted on July 7, 2011, after multiple ER visits and hospitalizations for dehydration. Because of my HG, I lost 20 lbs from 6.5 weeks, when I started to get sick, to 9.5 weeks, when I was admitted for 4 days. It just got more fun from there, with multiple hospitalizations, continued weight loss, and early delivery because I developed pre-eclampsia. Good times.

This blog started as a venue to help me learning to trust not hate my body and myself on my way toward becoming a mommy for the first time. Now I’m using it to chronicle my life as an amateur parent. Because let’s face it: We’re all making it up as we go along.

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Heather Campbell (aka, Princess Mommy)

Heather is an upper-twenties, happily married, mom of three. She has Princess-in-training, Lillian Rose (Princess Lily for short) and identical twins Natalie Marie and Sophia Lea, who were welcomed two months early in December 2011. They live in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri and often dream about running away. Just staying home with the three kids is enough chaos for Heather but since she’s the mom of three princesses, its Magical Chaos in her eyes!

Heather and Kristen connected in a group for January 2012 moms when they realized that their twin pregnancy wasn’t the only thing they had in common. Turns out, they have identical taste in diaper bags, they look enough alike to be sisters, their babies are also pretty much identical, and they basically share a brain. It was only natural for them to start blogging together in May 2012.

Jesse King (aka, Daddy-in-Training)

Jesse King is a 30something consumer electronic integrator who dreamed of fatherhood from a young age. He fantasized about becoming a stay-at-home dad for years, and beginning in December 2012 that dream will become a reality. In the meantime, he’s teaching his boys about the finer points of beard-growing while making their baby food from scratch.