working mom

The first word that came to mind when someone asked how my day was today was “relentless.” My day was relentless. From the moment the alarm went off in my freezing cold bedroom to right now, I have been counting down the moments for this day to end. I could have predicted this, but I […]


One of the things this new efficiency / structure / let’s-start-truly-being-grownups thing we’re doing these days has made me realize is that I just do not use time as efficiently as I used to. This goes for both personal life and work life. So, I’m working on changing my habits, and guess what: I made […]


Let’s face it: Being a working parent sucks. One way or another, you are missing out. There is only so much time in the day and only so many hours that babies are awake and most of them you (as a parent) are spent doing the things that need to happen to support said baby. […]

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