I’m finally at that point where, when people annoyingly ask me, “Are they sleeping through the night yet?” which at least one person has asked literally every day for the last 15 months, I can actually respond, “Yes!” most of the time. And now I’m sleeping like crap. You know that whole sleep training movement, […]


The first six weeks or so after my twins came home from the hospital were a level of exhaustion and insanity I have never known, and do not ever wish to know again (although honestly, having another set of twins in the future wouldn’t be the end of my world — don’t tell Daddy-in-Training). I […]

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This post kicks of a new weekly feature at Amateur Parenting: Mythbuster Monday. Each week, we tackle some of the crazy and often discouraging stuff people tell parents — especially expectant and new moms. Want to request a post on a specific parenting myth ? Contact us with your idea! When I was pregnant, virtually everyone I met […]


( — It’s solidly the middle of the night here in Virginia and I am wide awake. Well, scratch that. When I’m vertical, I feel like I’m about to fall over from exhaustion. The moment I lie down, I feel like I could run a marathon. Ever since my car accident, I’ve been having trouble […]

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