Mondays are usually a little hectic in this house, so I’m used to that. No big deal. But the Monday after Daylight Saving Time ends (aka, the day we accidentally figure out the hard way which clocks we forgot to change), the Monday after I ran a somewhat punishing 11 miles, the Monday when I’m in back-to-back […]


Two weeks to the day before my first half-marathon, I’m still working on accepting my identity as a runner. I logged 64.6 miles in the month of October, 37.1 in September, 34.7 in August. I run kind of a lot. But it’s still new. I still feel like I need to apologize for it or […]


This post WAS supposed to be sponsored by Grammarly, but they failed to deliver on their promise of compensation, so their sponsorship credit has been removed. Should they decide to keep their promise after all, I will reinstate it. However, based on this unfortunate situation, I can no longer recommend them. I sincerely hope that’s […]