Review: Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles

by Kristen King

When I received a BzzAgent BzzKit containing a free pair of Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles, I was overjoyed. As a mom of two infants, I am on my feet a lot, and my tootsies are killing me most of the time. I eagerly tore into the package and read the directions faithfully, just to make sure I was doing it right. “Right” is pretty simple:

  1. Trim the insoles to the line that matches your shoe size.
  2. Stick them in your shoes.
  3. Put your shoes on and walk around.

It ain’t rocket science, but I’ve never been good at cutting on the line so I handed them over to Daddy-in-Training to do the trimming.

I first tried them after taking out the insole that came with my sneakers. Disappointing. I actually liked my original Reebok Easytone insoles better. But THEN I tried them on top of my existing insoles and it was heaven. H-E-A-V-E-N on my feet. Previously I thought my Easytones couldn’t possibly get more comfortable because they are the best sneakers ever, but I was wrong. So wrong. I schlepped the kiddos around all day, including going for a walk, and then did a hardcore Zumba class and still my feet did not hurt. Which was basically the first time my feet haven’t hurt since I was about 4 months pregnant.

Usually I don’t spend money on “frivolous” things like gel insoles or heat packs for sore muscles. You know, the kind of stuff that might make me feel better and be good for my overall health and wellness. But I’m definitely planning to keep getting these insoles. As much time as I spend running around, Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles are a worthwhile investment. One pair lasts about 6 months, and they’re cheap: under $10 at Target, and cheaper on

This product definitely gets Mommy’s Seal of Approval. They come in men’s and women’s sizes and fit dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, and work boots. Try them out. Your feet will thank you.

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Kristen King (aka, Mommy-in-Training) is a red-headed, glasses-wearing, wine-drinking, perpetually undercaffeinated twin mom who lives at 10,200 feet in Leadville Colorado, and founder of She and her husband, Jesse (aka, Daddy-in-Training) have fraternal boys born in December 2011, two dogs, and two cats. They are both endurance athletes. She works full-time from home in virtual training, and he drives the local school bus. Learn more and meet the rest of the team on our About page.

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