My Dearest Daughter, On Your 3rd Birthday

by Heather Campbell, Princess Mommy

What does it mean to be an amateur? Good ole Webster says it’s simply someone who is lacking the skill of a professional or someone that doesn’t accept money for their work, instead doing it as a pastime.

Three years ago as I embarked on my first journey of being an amateur parent, I found plenty of people who thought they knew what they were doing but it turns out there is no such thing as a professional parent. We are all just learning this one day at a time.

June 19, 2009 Princess Mommy and Her Bright Eyed Baby Girl

Tomorrow is my baby girl’s third birthday. Yes, I think I have a pretty good grasp on taking care of a baby, even a toddler, but a preschooler? No, this is all new to me.

So today I bring you, a letter to my preschooler:

Dear Lillian,

I’ve purchased all the supplies to make your birthday cupcakes. You specifically requested green cupcakes with sprinkles and Princesses on top. It of course made me laugh when you made this choice but after asking you several times, this is the decision you’ve stuck with. Your favorite color is definitely pink so I don’t know why you chose green. I’ve tried to change your mind but you really, really want green cupcakes.

Tomorrow when we make your green cupcakes, I’m fully prepared for an all out tantrum, stomping, throwing yourself on the floor, wanting something other than green cupcakes.

And this, Lily, is why I love you.

You memorize stories and tell them while “reading” the wrong book. You know the words to plenty of popular songs that you shouldn’t be listening to. You have a million FAVORITE things.

You change clothes 97 times a day. You won’t wear outfits that don’t match. You like dress shoes.

I love watching your pigtails bounce up and down. I love watching your awkward run.

I love your imagination.

The Princess that Started it All

You sleep with your blankie every night and your Care Bears pillow. It makes my heart full. That small blanket with the giraffe head was one of the first things we bought you during my pregnancy. You ignored the blanket for months and months but now three years later, that blankie stays tightly in your grip all night long. And that Care Bears pillow? It belonged to me as a child. My great grandma Rose made it for me. I was named after her. And so were you.

Lily you test my patience every single day. You make me scream and you make me pull out my hair. You make me want to run away. But for every one of those seconds, you give me hours of adorable sweetness. You will not let me leave the house without a hug and kiss. I know I won’t get these forever so I will soak them up now.

You caress my cheeks and speak to me the way you hear me lovingly speak to you and your sisters. There is nothing better.

You are spunky, a fire cracker. You are funny. And smart.

Lillian Rose, you have made me everything I’ve ever wanted to be. You have given me strength and patience. You encourage and support me. Bringing you into this world was truly the best thing I’d ever done.

The world has changed vastly for all of us this last year bringing two baby sisters into our lives but you have handled it far better than anyone else. You are my three year old going on adulthood.

Years from now when I’m raising three teenage girls, please remind me of all these sweet things I said about you. I’ll likely have
forgotten that I could be so over the top in love with you!


Your Unpaid, Non Professional, Flying by the Seat of My Pants, Mommy

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Heather Campbell, Princess Mommy

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Heather Campbell (aka, Princess Mommy) is a red-headed work-at-home mom of three under 4 who lives in the St. Louis metro area. She also blogs at Magical Chaos and Mumbling Mommy. Meet the whole team on our About page.

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